Our Team

Eileen Galen, CEO, is an experienced writer, editor, and interviewer. She founded Editopian to provide smart, professional, expert content and niche web marketing services. (read full bio)

Barbara Wexler, Medical and Science Writer is a widely published medical writer and chronic disease epidemiologist and an experienced clinician, researcher, educator and administrator. (read full bio)

colleenColleen Brondou, Writer and Editor is a writer, editor, essayist, and web content producer with nearly 25 years of experience writing for tech start-ups, professional services firms, robotics and educational technology developers, online retailers, and travel tour providers. (read full bio)

Matilde Parente, Medical and Lifestyles Writer is a physician and medical writer and is board certified in pathology and integrative holistic medicine. (read full bio)

Laura Galen, Children’s Media Developer is the Founding Editor of Nickelodeon Magazine and a writer, editor, and nationally-recognized expert at creating content for children. (read full bio)

Carmen Morais, Children’s Media Developer is an award-winning content creator of digital and print media for children and tweens (ages 9-12). (read full bio)

Laura Woods, Social Media Advisor creates and manages social media for companies and people in a wide range of sectors including consumer goods and services, management consulting, education, financial services, legal, and more. (read full bio)

Amy Dunn, Social Media Advisor was Education Director for the Georgia Ensemble Theatre and is passionate about developing successful communications strategies for businesses and nonprofits. (read full bio)

Rose Wojnar-Dillon, Chief Copy Editor built her journalism career as a reporter and copy editor at four newspapers, including three in California — the Victorville Daily Press, the Desert Sun and the San Diego Union-Tribune. (read full bio)

Elizabeth Levenson, Editor and Copy EditorElizabeth Levenson, Writer, Editor, and Copy Editor edits medical, scientific, business and technical publications and has written extensively for nonprofits, new media and web-based marketing campaigns. (read full bio)

Cheryl Goerger, Web Designer and Front-End Developer built her first website in 2004. Cheryl organizes information in ways users find good-looking, logical and easy to navigate. Client content is always the focal point. She has extensive experience producing and maintaining great-looking, efficient, user-friendly websites for education, government, healthcare, business, and nonprofit organizations. ( read full bio)